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We are very happy with the AM-TL-01 elbow immobilizers/arm wraps we bought from Urgoform.

Our physiotherapist suggested us this company and we trust her that she knows the best people in Melbourne.

The arm wraps are very good quality, soft on skin (the lining is made of cotton so it can be applied on the sleeve or directly on the arm) while the 3 metal stays inside make them very supportive. They are also very adjustable allowing them to fit a slim or chubby arm.

My daughter (3.8 years old) uses the wraps when supporting herself while sitting, otherwise the elbow gives up and she falls; this means she can sit longer and play with the other arm. She’s also wearing them as well when she practices crawling – they are very supportive for this.

For such good quality they are also not expensive at all. The previous ones we used weren’t so good and we paid double the amount!

We are very happy with our purchase from Urgoform,

Thank you.

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