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Children’s Arm Sling | AM-SOB-03 | Kids


The AM-SOB-03 | Kids Arm sling is seamless and light, and is a comfortable support for broken arms and elbow injuries.

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The AM-SOB-03 children’s arm sling is made from light and airy cotton and can be used on either arm. It is designed to reduce stress on the cervical spine as it keeps the elbow at the optimal angle.  The sling incorporates a thumb loop to prevent the wrist from drooping or dangling.


  • Elbow dislocations
  • Elbow sprain
  • Elbow injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Arm sprain or strain
  • Clavicle injury
  • Fractures in the arm, elbow and forearm area
  • Post-op shoulder immobilization
  • Soft tissue injuries (contusions, infections)

Size Guide

Size The length of the forearm and palm Typical age How to measure
1 18 – 24 cm 2 – 5 years How to measure
2 24.5 – 30 cm 5 – 8 years
3 30.5 – 36 cm 8 – 12 years



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1, 2, 3


Upper Limb



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