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3 Benefits Of A Lower Back Brace For Your Body

Our collection of premium Reh4mat lower back braces are comfortable, supportive, customised and offer you much needed pain relief. Made with high-quality materials, these braces offer the body various notable benefits including:

Alleviating lower back pain

If you have recently encountered an injury and are experiencing moderate to severe levels of pain, it could be highly beneficial to invest in our industry-leading customised lower back braces. Such braces offer compression support for our spine and can prevent further injury.

Improving posture and elongates the spine

Not only does wearing a lower back brace significantly reduce pain, but helps to strengthen your back muscles and serves as an external stabilizer that constantly allows the core muscles to relax rather than spasm. If you are like many of us and sit at a desk all day, a lower back brace could be a fantastic idea to release pressure and lengthen your spine, as well as significantly improve your posture. Say good bye to slouching over your computer and say hello to a beautiful elongated spine.

Post-operative healing

If you are coming out of a spinal surgery or even a minor procedure, you may have been prescribed a lower back brace to help with the post-operative healing. Lower back braces limit activity, reduce movement and stabilise micro-motions. By wearing a lower back brace post-op, you increase your recovery time and reduce the overall pressure on the spinal column. Our range of Reh4mat lower back braces are completely customised to help your situation the best.

Contact us today on 1300 369 096 and talk to our professional team to learn more about our quality lower back braces. We have a vast range that suit a variety of individuals and are willing to answer any of your questions – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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